QP Group

Community activities

Gratitude and contribution to mutual development

QP Group understands that contributing to the sustainable development of the environment and society is a key prerequisite for achieving greater success for the business.

Throughout the process of production, business operations, and project development, “Green” and “Clean” are always important factors to consider, alongside other indicators such as investment efficiency, functional use, and cost. Whether it is an eco-residential area, an energy-saving apartment-office building, or a plant that meets ISO environmental standards, the “Green” architectural works that QP Group invests in and develops are always prominent, associated with the development of the Group.

In addition, we actively promote awareness of respecting and protecting the environment to employees, partners, customers, and together contribute to creating a civilized community and improving the quality of life.

Among the community activities, the program “Small Actions – Big Difference” is a noteworthy initiative, through which QP Group, using internal resources, has built a Covid-19 treatment area, donated many ambulances, medical equipment, and cash to provinces in the South that are facing difficulties in pandemic prevention and control. QP Group always believes that the business will be success when sharing a part of profit with community. This is also our way of expressing gratitude and contributing to the common development

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