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QP Group supported Binh Duong in building a 10,000m2 field hospital.

Leaders of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee gave flowers to thank the investor for sponsoring the construction of the field treatment area – Photo: BA SON

Starting from September 6, 2021, the four green zone districts in Binh Duong will implement social distancing measures according to Directive 15+. The province has also established the “3 Green Enterprises” model, which includes green workers, green dormitories, and green businesses. Although the number of Covid-19 cases in Binh Duong is still increasing in the red zones, the province is still striving to expand more green zones – areas where there are no Covid-19 cases.

The four green districts are Dau Tieng, Bau Bang, Phu Giao, and Bac Tan Uyen. These green zones may also reduce checkpoints to facilitate the transportation of goods, but must still ensure safety in preventing and controlling Covid-19.

For businesses in the green zones that do not meet the conditions for implementing the “3 on-site” model, they will implement the “3 Green” model instead. Accordingly, the local government will work with green businesses to encourage landlords to rearrange each dormitory room or dormitory area to accommodate workers who work for the same company in the same block or dormitory area. At the same time, businesses will establish Covid-19 safety teams within the company.

In cooperation with Binh Duong province, QP Group has built a 10,000m2 field hospital with a scale of 1,400 beds in Thoi Hoa Ward, Ben Cat Town. The hospital will receive people who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 via rapid testing, as well as asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic F0 cases who do not meet the conditions for treatment at home.

In addition, the Group has also sponsored four ambulances and provided cash to some Covid-19 “hotspots” in the locality such as Tan Uyen Town, Di An City, and Thu Dau Mot City.

Alongside the business activities, QP Group is also aware of the responsibility as a corporate citizen in the overall development of the community. Through the collaborative activities with the local government, QP Group believes that it can only truly succeed in business when it shares a portion of its profits with the community and society. This is also our way of expressing gratitude and contributing to the common development

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