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Dear all,

With the goal of “Reaching high – Going beyond”, QP Group chooses a sustainable development journey to bring real value to all products and services in the real estate – construction – trade and service – industrial park investment ecosystem.

On our sustainable development journey, QP Group culture, specifically the culture of professionalism, plays a leading role and is expressed through 5 core values, principles, and commitments in every action and behavior: Courage to lead trends – Leading by example – Customer-centric – Integrity – Commitment to accompany.

Human resources is a core factor and a valuable asset for QP Group to enhance the quality of our products and services, assert our position for sustainable development. That is why QP Group actively gathers outstanding individuals with talent, courage, and a cooperative spirit who know how to listen and, especially, have an entrepreneurial mindset. We respect diversity in the team and encourage creative thinking along with a high sense of responsibility.

Sustainable development cannot be achieved if QP Group does not establish and maintain a working style that emphasizes efficiency, speed, and integrity in every action, from the leadership team to the accompanying staff. The people of QP Group understand the mission of elevating the quality of Vietnamese life through products and services that bring real value, to work together, unite as a sustainable force to take the Group to greater heights.

Along with business activities, QP Group also recognizes its responsibility in the diverse social landscape. QP Group understands that sustainable business cannot be separated from a sustainable society. Therefore, we have and will continue to make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the environment and society through community engagement and volunteer contributions to the local area…

Absolutely, the sustainable development journey of QP Group cannot be completed without the trust, partnership, cooperation, and connection of customers, partners, colleagues, investors, and society. We are committed to making efforts with both our minds and hearts, taking creativity as the vitality and determination as the core for development, to bring real value to our customers and companions.

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