QP Group believes that human capital is a core element and our greatest competitive advantage that would set us apart in achieving long-term value creation. We welcome the right persons owning our core values, full of energy and passion, who can make the difference. The measure of success lies in customer satisfaction and the pride to deliver sustainable value products and services.

QP Group offers individuals not just a job but a career, an opportunity to grow together. We create a modern and professional working environment with a winning culture where employees are encouraged to unlock their full potential. Remuneration packages are built based on capacity and achievement where employees’ dedications are appreciated and honored timely.

And above all, we aim to build QP Group as the second home of each employee, a place where people are engaged to spend meaningful and quality time for living and working. We love to build pride in our employees, no matter the role or position he/she takes within our organization: We are QP Group members.